Journal Articles

"The Citizen-Makers: Ethical Dilemmas in Immigrant Integration"

European Law Journal (forthcoming)


"Liberalism, Allegiance, and Obedience: The Inappropriateness of Loyalty Oaths in A Liberal Democracy"

17(1) Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 99 (2014)

Cambridge University Press


"Ethnic Profiling in Airport Screening: Lessons from Israel, 1968-2010"

14(2) American Law & Economics Review 1 (2012)

(With Badi Hasisi & Yoram Margalioth)

Oxford University Press

"The Preamble in Constitutional Interpretation"

8(4) International Journal of Constitutional Law (I-CON) 714 (2011)

Oxford University Press


"The Citizenship Puzzle"

59(2) American Journal of Comparative Law 594 (2011)

Oxford University Press


"Creating New Americans: The Essence of Americanism under the Citizenship Test"

47(5) Houston Law Review 1227 (2011)


"Illiberal Liberalism: Cultural Restrictions on Migration and Access to Citizenship in Europe"

58(1) American Journal of Comparative Law 53 (2010)

Oxford University Press

"Race, Religion and Nationality in Immigration Selection: 120 Years after the Chinese Exclusion Case"

26(1) Constitutional Commentary 237 (2010)

(With Theodore Ruthizer)


"‘Cultural Defence’ of Nations: Cultural Citizenship in France, Germany, and the Netherlands"

15(6) European Law Journal 719 (2009)


"Love and War: Family Migration in Time of National Emergency"

23(1) Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 85 (2008)

Review Essays & Works in Collections

"Book Review: At Home in Two Countries by Peter J. Spiro"
112(4) American Journal of International Law (2018)

Cambridge University Press


"Cloud Communities: The Dawn of Global Citizenship?"
Debating Transformations of National Citizenship

Rainer Bauböck ed., Springer, 2018


Special Issue: "Constitutional Identity in the Age of Global Migration"

18(7) German Law Journal (2017)

(Co-edited with Jürgen Bast)

Cambridge University Press



Oxford Handbook of Citizenship

(Ayelet Shachar, Rainer Bauböck, Irene Bloemraad, and Maarten Vink eds.)

Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2017


Edited Volume

The Nation State and Immigration: The Age of Population Movements

(Co-edited with Anita Shapira, Yedidia Stern, and Alexander Yakobson)

Sussex Academic Press, 2014


Managing Global Migration: A Strategy for Israeli Immigration Policy

(With Shlomo Avineri & Amnon Rubinstein, Ruth Gavison ed., 2010)


"The State of Israel and the Diaspora—Interrelation"

Between Thriving and Decline: Annual Assessment 2004-2005 (Rami Tal ed., 2005)

Articles [Hebrew]

"Access to Court in Time of War"

29(2) Bar-Ilan Law Studies 469 (2014)

(With Yoram Rabin)


"The Loyalty Riddle: Who Owes What to Whom?"

14 IDC Law Review 723 (2012)


"Judicial Directive: Empirical and Normative Assessment"

34 Tel Aviv Law Review 437 (2011)

(With Shay Lavie)


"Immigration, Terrorism and Human Rights"

25(3) Bar-Ilan Law Studies 485 (2009)


"Whose Constitution? Extraterritorial Application of Israel’s Basic Laws"

12(1) Haifa Law Review 145 (2009)


"Transfer of Sovereignty over Populated Territories from Israel to a Palestinian State: The International Law Perspective"

10 Haifa Law Review 187 (2007)

(With Yoram Rabin & Roy Peled)


"Human Rights, National Security, and Jewish Majority: The Case of Restrictions of Family Migration"

48 Israel Bar Association Law Review 315 (2006)

(With Amnon Rubinstein)


"The Israeli Arab Minority and The Exemption from Military Service"

19 Hamishpat Law Review 26 (2005)


"The Legal Status of the Constitutional Preamble: The Israeli Case"

20 Hamishpat Law Review 38 (2005)

(With Amnon Rubinstein)